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Believer's Baptism


They emerge from beneath the water to party music and the roaring approval of the crowd. If there’s a celebration in the Worship Center, you can be sure there’s an even bigger celebration in heaven.

Baptism. A public way of showing that you have asked Jesus to be in charge of your life. There’s nothing special about the water. There’s nothing magical about the words that are spoken. There is however, something really cool about taking part in the very same act that Jesus demonstrated for us in the Jordan River. When we follow his example of baptism by submersion we show the world with our body what has happened within the confines of our soul.

Falco was raised in the Catholic church and was baptized as an infant. He started attending services at The Church at Severn Run in April of 2015. He was inspired by the church’s passion for Jesus instead of religion. Each baptism Sunday he watched as people walked down into the waters and came out again. He realized that he had no ownership in the act of baptism that was performed on him as an infant so long ago and felt the Spirit moving him to experience a believer’s baptism. He felt that baptism was an important part in the process of being a fully devoted follower of Christ.

Falco and his fiancé began to meet with Pastor John for premarital counseling. Pastor John asked about his faith journey and suggested that perhaps Falco should to baptized as a first step to entering into a Christ-centered marriage. It was as if Falco had been waiting for that very invitation. He said, “Absolutely!” and he couldn’t wait to dive right in (pun intended).

Kari’s relationship with Jesus began at a summertime VBS as a child. She felt an urgency to be baptized but wanted to make sure it was the right time for her. Fast forward a few years later to a Friday night at Collide (Severn Run Student Ministry). Pastor Chris approached Kari and asked her if she was getting baptized in August. Without thinking, she automatically said yes.

After responding in such haste, Kari began to think through what it means to be baptized and how such a seemingly simple act was going to impact her life. She realized she couldn’t wait to finally get baptized and start a new chapter in her relationship with Jesus. On Sunday, Kari experienced some anxiety about being on the stage in front of so many people. However, once she emerged from the waters she felt like a completely new person. Kari says, “I felt like I could walk on water, but unlike Peter, I can keep my eyes on Jesus.”

Baptism is a personal experience performed in public—not unlike a marriage. For some it may be uncomfortable to be the “center of attention” during a baptism (or a marriage ceremony), but what some may fail to realize is that the attention is on the Lord and HE is not uncomfortable. A baptism is a family celebration that one more brother or sister has been born into the Kingdom of God and it’s an honor and a privilege for us, as the audience, to join the believer in that celebration.

Kari says, “If you are reading this and wondering if you should get baptized, the answer is yes!”


Falling in Love Jesus-Style

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This summer, the Church at Severn Run was SUBMERGED! The entire campus was flooded. Don’t worry! It wasn’t with water, but with Jesus and kids and a whole lot of laughter!

I felt God pushing me to volunteer. I am in school, a mommy, and recently transitioned from working 60+ hours as a restaurant assistant manager…I was tired. With finals in two classes and an additional two just beginning, I was busy.

At least those were my excuses.

I thought that I had missed the deadline. Then one Sunday, while I was sitting in the service, they announced they still needed and were accepting volunteers. Once again, I felt Jesus nudging me. So I did exactly what He told me to do.

I volunteered.

I didn’t know where they would have me helping out, but then I got the email from Pastor Steve. I was assigned to the 10 year old group. Monday morning rolls around, and I drag my three year old out of the bed at 6 a.m. He, like his mommy, is not a morning person. So we head to the church, still not completely excited about the idea of being there.

By the end of day one, I was amazed at the change in my heart. I was so excited for the next day! I began praying not only for God to work in their hearts, but also in my own.

I can definitely say, “If you want to have fun, all you have to do is ask a room full of 10 yr. olds what questions they have for Jesus.”

Our lesson was on Nicodemus coming to Jesus by night. At the end of the lesson, we asked, "What are the questions you have for Jesus?"

I was not prepared for what would follow. We got many, many questions. In fact, so many that we had to skip game time at the end to finish asking questions. These questions included:

  • What is Jesus’ favorite color? (This I expected.)
  • Do animals go to Heaven?
  • Does God really care about me?
  • So what happens if someone hears about Jesus and says maybe later, but they die before they can pray?
  • What happens if a baby dies and can’t get saved? (Broke my mommy heart!)
  • Why was Jesus born?
  • Why did God create Satan?
  • So God created everything… so he has magic? Like Harry Potter? (NO! Jesus is not Harry Potter. PLEASE do not go home and tell your parents Jesus is Harry Potter!)
  • If God created everything, who created Him?
  • If God is God, and there’s only one God, then how did He send His SON? (Wow! You kids are good.)

In complete honesty, there were about 50 more questions that Miss Jess and I had to address. At the end, we handed out little cards that asked the children to choose an answer:

  • I have already accepted Jesus into my heart as my Savior and Lord.
  • No, I am not ready to talk about Jesus.
  • I want to know more about Jesus.
  • YES! I am ready now to accept Jesus as my Savior and Lord.

Two little boys, handed in cards saying “YES! I am ready now.” In the rally that day, I stood there as little guys prayed and accepted Jesus as their Savior. I took a picture with them and told them how VERY happy I was for them.

I came home and told my husband that I was “falling in love Jesus-style.” I spent three days with these kids and my world was flipped upside down! I saw their hearts.

The motto for this week was “Jesus knows. Jesus sees. Jesus saves.” Boy, was it true!!!! These eleven 10-yr olds snuck their little way into my heart in less than a week. Jesus really does know, see, and save. He used these little children to completely change my heart! I will forever be grateful for the days I could spend with these children!

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”    
Matthew 19:14

A Song from Him

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Worship time on Sunday mornings is filled with much authentic praise through different worship songs. Many of the songs we sing are original, written by members of the Worship Tribe.

We asked Hannah Martin, a song writer, musician, and member of the Severn Run Worship Tribe, what it is like to write a song. Here is what she had to say:


It always starts with the same question…”What do You want to say?”

I ask God this question every time I sit at my piano, or hold my guitar.

Before I ever play a note, or write a word, I want it to be from HIM.

Sometimes He says nothing.

But sometimes He speaks, and when He speaks the message is louder, clearer, with more impact than I ever could have on my own.

The words start pouring out, truths that He reveals in His word put to music.

The music starts flowing, rhythms and melodies start to form.

Piece by piece it’s weaved together.

My pen can’t write fast enough as He lavishes His thoughts into my mind.

These songs are different. People can’t really explain it, they say things like “that song really touched me” or “that song gave me goosebumps” and the reason is because it was from God.

I was just a glove that He decided to use.

These songs bring me to my knees at the thought that God would choose me. His heart is so kind, His mercy is so great. The thought that he would want me to relay His love to His people is overwhelming.

God picks people to say what He wants His people to hear. And if we listen, if we’re patient and willing enough...we will hear them, and there will be an impact.


If you would like to continue to be impacted by the songs from our Worship Tribe, their album, Fill the Room, is available on iTunes or from the Gear Shop on Sunday mornings.

Spring Into Serving Recap

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The weather forecast for the weekend was bleak. You know what they say about Maryland: If you don’t like the weather, wait half an hour and it’ll change. However, the forecast held steady and one thing was for sure—it was going to rain.

At the start of the week people were beginning to question whether or not Spring Into Serving was still going to happen. Some of our partner ministries even indicated that we should reschedule. Amber sent out Contingency Plans A, B, and C.

BUT, we are Severn Runners!

We knew God had great things in store for our partner ministries and we would not be hindered by a raincloud or two (or lots).          

"Jesus led broken people on the road so that they would bump into other broken people in order to reveal His kingdom."   



-Amber Adams                                

Spring Into Serving Projects:

Broken WallFight Club and Going Deep cleared an existing but unusable baseball backstop of brush and vines at North Bend Elementary School in Catonsville, Maryland.

Grace Redeemer Church Families with Young Children and Odenton Connects hosted a block party for 100-150 folks from the church and surrounding neighborhood in Meade Village. There was food, face painting, moon bounce, and TONS of fun!

Pascal Senior CenterHearts and Minds and Young Married Professionals (YMP) cleaned and manicured the garden at the Center in Odenton. The director of Center actually emailed Bob Ogle, the project leader, and told him not to worry about bringing a group out, but the team went anyway. The director was pleasantly surprised when she saw all the work that had been done when she arrived at work on Monday morning.

Elevate ChurchThe Real World went to the pastor’s house in Annapolis and helped him fix the steps leading to his patio. They also picked up trash in the community and cleaned up a playground.

Transformation CenterSeeking Our So That went to Brooklyn Park to sort clothes for the Clothing Closet and did a neighborhood clean up.

The WellMoms of Severn Run helped clean out/sort/organize their clothing closet (Hope Chest). A combination of clothes from the Severn Run Clothing Swap and Hope Chest allowed them to host a Free Community Clothing Market. Pizza and hot dogs were served to over 125 shoppers. Leftover clothing items were taken to Transformation Center. In addition, the husbands of the “Moms” helped the building manager to lay sand and pavers to create a back patio area.

Amber Adams, the Connect Leader for Severn Run says, “Jesus led broken people on the road so that they would bump into other broken people in order to reveal His kingdom. Our Connect Groups and IMPACT ministry connected with other local ministries to build relationships and serve with our brothers and sisters. We sent 143 Severn Runners to six different locations from Annapolis to Baltimore where they served with over 200 other believers and non-believers. From a Free Clothing Market to Block Parties to Gardening we saw a glimpse of what it means to be the Church.”

Follow this link to view a slideshow of photos taken at all the Spring Into Serving projects!

Good Morning, Morgan!

“Good Morning, Morgan” was something Daniel Lenhert uttered out of obedience but without a ton of conviction. That is, until after serving at Winter Relief changed his perspective.

Daniel serves in the Army and works at the Pentagon. He rides the Marc train to DC, then takes the Red and Blue Metro lines to get to work. He begrudgingly believes that God has him commute on the metro to teach him patience and humility as he is jostled about by fellow humans.

Where he disembarks from the Marc train at Union Station he often passes by Morgan. Morgan is a homeless, double amputee that sits inside the station on a regular basis. Daniel always says “Good Morning” to Morgan, and eventually, God moved Daniel past his aversion to touching this man to embracing him with a handshake as he said those words.

Many people would say that Daniel’s actions are already above and the beyond what the normal passerby would offer this wheelchair bound gentleman, but Daniel would have you know that he interacted this way mostly out of pity and obedience.

Having the gift of compassion, Daniel had always been burdened over the issue of homelessness, but he was never sure how to get involved. When the opportunity arose for Daniel to serve at Winter Relief at Severn Run in February, he was excited to have the chance to interact with the homeless.

Having the gift of compassion, Daniel had always been burdened over the issue of homelessness, but he was never sure how to get involved.

He prayed about how much time God would have him give. As he prayed about taking a day or two off work, he felt the Lord say, “Daniel, why are you messing around? Do it all!” He put in for a week of leave and contacted Pastor Steve about where he could serve.

Pastor Steve assigned Daniel to work overnight. The first couple of nights, as Daniel observed those he was serving. His eyes were opened.

“The guests were no different than me. Maybe they’ve made some mistakes or taken a different route in life, but their needs are the same as my needs.”

Daniel realized he was guilty of a judgmental attitude towards the less fortunate. God began to melt his heart. He began to see the less fortunate as God sees them.

“They’re just so grateful”, Daniel says. “Grateful to be seen, treated with respect, and cared for”.

Now, when Daniel sees Morgan, he doesn’t speak to him out of pity or obligation, but with respect and a genuine interest. They’ve had a few conversations and Morgan has asked about Daniel’s Fight Club bracelet. Daniel looks forward to the day we he can share Jesus with Morgan.

 Is there a Morgan in your life? Have you been guilty of judging someone that Christ loves just as much as he loves you?

Let God melt your heart and allow you to see them through his eyes.


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