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Operation Christmas Child – Ideas for your Boxes

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Christmas gifts in shoe boxes given to children all over the world. What a neat idea! Who came up with this idea?

Those were my questions many years ago, when I first came across this awesome program that brought joy, happiness and laughter to kids all across the world.

What is so interesting about Operation Christmas Child (OCC), is the fact that these delightful gifts are distributed at various times during the calendar year. Therefore, Christmas comes at different times for these beautiful girls and boys. I can imagine the squeals of joy and exuberance when they open their boxes of gifts wrapped with love and kindness from men, women and kids all across the USA. I was truly fascinated by this program. In those early years, I never packed a box, but I would sponsor the shipping costs of a number boxes.

Fast-forward to the year 2013 when I got connected to the Church at Severn Run. Here was my opportunity to be fully involved in this program. 

Giving has always come naturally to me. I never give it a second thought. I can remember as early as when I was 12 years old, I was involved in significant giving that brought changes to the lives of poor children who lived only about 5 miles from our home.

So in November 2013, our family ventured to get fully committed to OCC. We were so happy to be part of such great operation. We set out to make list of items that we think would bring joy to these children. We followed the guidelines given by OCC program as to what is appropriate, and we added other small, delightful items.


In the years, since 2013, our gift boxes have gotten larger with the addition of even more gifts of love. In 2015, I brought OCC to my work place, and I got coworkers to sponsor boxers. From that endeavor, OCC got 5 shoeboxes. My coworkers were so fascinated by the idea, and super excited to fill these boxes. They even sponsored the shipping costs for their boxes. 

Filling these boxes does not cost a lot.

Here are some ideas that my family and I have used to help fill these boxes without breaking the bank.

  1. Purchase school supplies during the summer months, they are all on sale.
  1. Look for the end of summer sales on toys, tee shirts and other small gift items.
  1. Dollar Store has great offers, such as 4 pack toothbrushes and multi-pack bar soaps.
  1. All through the year, I am on the look out for items, Flea markets can yield new and almost new toys.

OCC continues to inspire me. We can never out give God, and our investments in these children from poverty stricken lands will be rewarded.

Have you started your OCC Shoebox? Pick up and drop off your box at Severn Run this week!


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