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Your plight is my plight!

plight Broken Wall
The 'Priesthood of all Believers' means that we're all "watchmen." (Ezekiel 33:1-9)
After reading the passage in Ezekiel 33:1-9, does it sound like God is cool with us being aware of people headed down a path of oppressing others and us turning a blind eye? You see, what we're trying to figure out, is what it means to become part of the community. What it means to stand in public with them and put our arm around them and say "You are not alone, we are in this together!"
We are trying to figure out what it means to stand against injustice. To stand with the oppressed. To stand with the marginalized and say to them, your plight is my plight! For us to be able to do that, we have to listen and understand and we have to try to apologize for the times people like me oppressed them and took advantage of them -we have to become one!
That's how we are doing justice in my little community of faith. -Pastor Ron Willoughby
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