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There is no such thing as an ordinary life!

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Despite how we may feel at times, we all have extraordinary stories to tell. Our lives are all uniquely different, and our stories are not something that we should shy away from. Jesus told stories in order to convey important truths in a way that people would understand. We can all relate to...

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There is no such thing as an ordinary life!

ordinary life

Despite how we may feel at times, we all have extraordinary stories to tell. Our lives are all uniquely different, and our stories are not something that we should shy away from. Jesus told stories in order to convey important truths in a way that people would understand. We can all relate to stories. The religious leaders of Jesus' time only wanted people to follow the rules. Rules try to enforce only one interpretation, and attempt to write the ending before the ending has even been written!

Jesus knew that following these so called “rules” would only keep people away from the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus wants us to live our lives together, unbound by rules, sharing in each other’s stories.

Make peace with your story, do not be afraid to tell it!

Your story will always be open ended, only in heaven will you find out the end of your story! Your story will go on to impact those you have loved and cared for and those you have passed it on to! 

Take Jesus to the World

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The last two months have been tough for America; we were horrified by the Orlando massacre and the Dallas assassinations. We sense evil amongst us and we can easily fall into despair.
What will happen next? How do we stop the carnage?
When senseless horrors like these occur, we are confronted with the reality that we live in a very imperfect world.

“These things I have spoken to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

(John 16:33)

We are all broken people living in a broken world where every community, every profession, and every human system is broken.
But there is a solution to all of the chaos and healing for the brokenness.
That solution does not rely upon fallible human beings. It relies on our infallible Creator.

How do we mend a human heart? (We don’t. God does.)
No man-made laws (however well-intentioned) can change the human heart. Only Jesus Christ can change our hearts.
Jesus proclaimed, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)
Jesus has overcome the world and he is, moment by moment, person by person, changing hearts and transforming lives.
Even now, Jesus is fixing our broken world by fixing broken hearts one by one. As people are adopted into his kingdom, healing will spring forth into changed hearts, which in turn, will change the world.

Senseless violence will cease to exist when the whole world realizes the truth of who Jesus is and what he can accomplish.
Let us take Jesus to the world for healing and restoration. We can rely on him. He is, after all, the Savior of the world

A Song from Him

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Worship time on Sunday mornings is filled with much authentic praise through different worship songs. Many of the songs we sing are original, written by members of the Worship Tribe.

We asked Hannah Martin, a song writer, musician, and member of the Severn Run Worship Tribe, what it is like to write a song. Here is what she had to say:


It always starts with the same question…”What do You want to say?”

I ask God this question every time I sit at my piano, or hold my guitar.

Before I ever play a note, or write a word, I want it to be from HIM.

Sometimes He says nothing.

But sometimes He speaks, and when He speaks the message is louder, clearer, with more impact than I ever could have on my own.

The words start pouring out, truths that He reveals in His word put to music.

The music starts flowing, rhythms and melodies start to form.

Piece by piece it’s weaved together.

My pen can’t write fast enough as He lavishes His thoughts into my mind.

These songs are different. People can’t really explain it, they say things like “that song really touched me” or “that song gave me goosebumps” and the reason is because it was from God.

I was just a glove that He decided to use.

These songs bring me to my knees at the thought that God would choose me. His heart is so kind, His mercy is so great. The thought that he would want me to relay His love to His people is overwhelming.

God picks people to say what He wants His people to hear. And if we listen, if we’re patient and willing enough...we will hear them, and there will be an impact.


If you would like to continue to be impacted by the songs from our Worship Tribe, their album, Fill the Room, is available on iTunes or from the Gear Shop on Sunday mornings.

On The Road Update

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We’re officially six months into our On The Road journey, time for a big update! We’re really happy with how our biggest capital campaign ever is starting out, and we know that God will continue to do amazing things through each one of you who have chosen to participate as well.

The Refresher

Here at The Church at Severn Run our mission is to reach as many people as possible by creatively revealing the love of the Father through the life of the Son in the power of the Spirit. In 2015, God called our Lead Pastor Drew Shofner to begin pursuing our next big milestone: becoming a worshipping community of 5,000 growing disciples. Currently Severn Run is composed of about 1,300 people and we are getting closer each day to maxing out each and every physical resource that we have on our campus to accommodate new Severn Runners. In order to achieve our goal of becoming this amazing community of 5,000 people, we are aiming to raise $6 million that will help us reduce our current financial responsibilities and plan for future expansion opportunities. These funds will also help us increase our mission capital and broaden our ministry friendships both locally and globally.

In February we officially launched On The Road church-wide and gave each one of you the opportunity to join us on the trip of a lifetime! We were really excited to get over $1 million in pledges in the first round of commitments as well as an amazing return from the creative ideas initiated from our $5 jar giveaway back in January.

Where We Stand: Commitments

On page 11 of our On The Road brochure, we set specific Severn Runner giving goals based on family units, and we wanted to give you an update as to where we stand there:

What’s not shown here are the 46 families that have pledged outside of a specific category as well as those of you who have chosen to give without turning in a commitment card.

That being said, our current pledged total is:
$1,007,973 coming from 201 families.

At the end of our two-year campaign we plan to see $2.5 million come from Severn Runners total. That means we’ve got an additional $1,492,027 in pledges and 404 Severn Run families remaining to reach our goal. We can’t wait to see what God does through those who are going to make future commitments.

If you and your family are still deciding on what you can commit to On The Road, feel free to reach out to anyone here on staff with questions you may have along the way. And remember, you can turn in your commitment card any Sunday in the giving basket, or online by visiting

Where We Stand: Total Given So Far

Severn Runners, you are faithful to your commitments! We are so excited to see that over $187,000 has been given to On The Road so far. We are on track to meet our commitment goal by the end of our two-year campaign, and here’s how we can stay on track! By the end of 2016 we are making it our goal to have at least $500,000 total given to the On The Road campaign. That means we only have $313,000 to go in the final 6 months of the year.

$187,000 Given To Date
$500,000 End Of Year Goal
$313,000 To Go!

Where Do You Stand?

If you’ve committed to On The Road, or given to anything here at The Church at Severn Run this year, you should have received a giving statement in the mail last week. This giving statement is a great way for you to check in on where you stand with your regular tithes and offerings as well as your On The Road Commitment. If you have turned in a Commitment Card to On The Road at any point in time, you will see a quick update of where you stand on the right side of your giving statement. It shows gifts given to date and the balance that remains in order to fulfill your commitment in the next year and half. If you are noticing that your On The Road gifts are not showing up in that column, be sure your gifts are designated clearly in your chosen form of giving.

What’s Next?

Our next big call is coming soon at our 10th Birthday Party this August. We’re praying for this time to be a place where many families are able to commit to the On The Road Campaign for the first time, as well as a time where those who have already committed to continue to listen to God’s call to generosity on their lives. Please join us in praying for our 10th Birthday Party on August 21!

In 2017, we are looking forward to launching the “Ask” portion of the On The Road Campaign that aims to partner with community members and businesses to raise the remaining $3.5 million. Be praying about who you personally know that may be interested in giving towards our goal of becoming a worshipping community of 5000 disciples who will make a huge difference in our community for Jesus.

Ready to Start Now?

If you’re ready to help us meet our year-end goals now, here are a couple of action steps you can take!

Send in your commitment card.
Click here to submit your commitment card to On The Road today. This card lets us know that you are getting On The Road with us and helps us to know where we stand with our goals! Also, did you know that those who commit to On The Road get an awesome free gift from the staff? You may have seen them around!

Set up your On The Road gifts online.
One of the best ways to remain faithful to your On The Road commitment is by setting up a specific recurring gift on our giving page. Click here to visit the giving page to get started.

Helpful tips:

  • Select “On The Road Capital Campaign” under “For.”
  • You can give weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Choose the frequency that is right for you
  • You can set a start and end date right away! Utilize this feature for an easy way to “set it and forget it!”

If you prefer to give in-services each week, be sure to visit the On The Road Pit Stop in the Atrium to pick up a few of our On The Road Giving Envelopes. Stick them in your wallet or Bible to help you remember to give to On The Road at your committed frequency.

We are so excited to see what God will do next through each one of you! Thank you for an amazing start to On The Road, let’s keep the good times rolling.

I Saw the Sign

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“In the same way that the prophet Jonah was a sign for the people of Nineveh, so the Son of Man will be a sign for the people of this day.” (Luke 11:30 GNT)

Are you still waiting for a sign?

God has already given us a multitude of signs, but perhaps it’s not the one you’re looking for.

It’s unlikely that God will reveal himself in ways that we expect of him. In fact, he will always reveal himself in a way that we as humans could never fully expect or understand. You should not look for God in the way you imagine in your mind, but instead be open to the idea that he will show himself to you in his own way.

The people of Jesus’ time were looking for what they expected God to be, but when he was right in front of their very faces, they refused to believe that he was what they were expecting.

The crowd answered, “Our Law tells us that the Messiah will live forever. How, then, can you say that the Son of Man must be lifted up? Who is this Son of Man?” (John 12:34). So, do not be discouraged! They saw Jesus first-hand and many of them still missed him.

It’s okay to have your doubts, but you must not put God into a box. Be open-minded and trust that he will show you the path in his own way, and by his own timing.

Just be ready!

So then, you also must always be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you are not expecting him. (Matthew 24:44 GNT)

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