What is Tables?
A Table is a group of 5-8 people that do dinner together once a week through the summer. The earliest followers of Jesus gathered and created community around tables. We are going to do the same thing. Meet some new people, get some old friends and commit to sharing a meal around a table once a week through the summer.

How is it different than our normal Connect Groups?
Tables is a chance for us to get to the root of who we are called to be as a community of believers. The body of Christ should be passionate about seeing the kingdom of God on earth. The Bible says we can have all the knowledge in the world but if we lack love we have nothing. We’re making the focus of our time together relationship and letting our faith become a natural part of our conversation.

What is the purpose of Tables?
We want a movement. Jesus did relationship intentionally. From prostitutes to the religious elites, outcasts to influencers, Jesus set a standard. Tables is our opportunity to intentionally share relationship with people that are different than us, people who have never experienced community, and people that are deserving of the depth of relationship in community God intended for us. We will be the Church that is known for the way we love one another, the way that we live Jesus by seeing people healed and needs being met, and the way we believe in the awesome God that we serve to do the impossible in our community. Souls will be saved daily because we chose to get back to being the Church on purpose.

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When will Tables start and end?
Tables will start the week of June 25th with a Severn Run Table from 11:00 AM-2:30 PM. Tables will meet through the summer until September 2nd.

How do I join the movement?
Become a Table host. Check in with Amber Adams. Download the GroupMe app. Invite 5-8 people (maybe you’ve seen them around at your normal service time, maybe you’ve never met them before, maybe they’re your friend) to join your GroupMe. Decide what day and time. Make it happen!

What is a Table Host?
A Table Host is a person that is invested in the Tables movement. They simply invite and organize the when and where of the Table.

How will Severn Run know I am doing a Table?
Each Table will have a GroupMe message that Severn Run will keep track of.

Does someone have to be a Severn Runner to go to a Table?
Definitely not! Tables is the perfect opportunity for you to introduce your pre-believing friends, neighbors, co-workers and family into Christian community.

How frequently do we have our Table?
Following our Connect Group model, Tables will meet once a week to develop a consistent space to connect with each other.

What about childcare?
You can choose to have a Kiddie Table at your Table if you would like! Let us know what you decide so we can properly mark it on the Tables Finder.

What if we are going to be on vacation?
Naturally in the summer people travel or have other activities to attend. If you will be on vacation ask someone at your table to host while you are gone. If one night doesn’t work well for everyone at your table, reschedule to another night that week.

Do I have to serve dinner?
Tables is a community meal. Everyone at the Table should bring something to share. You can also go out to a restaurant, grill out, have crabs, any fun summer meal is a go!

Does it have to be at the same house every week?
No. A Table CAN meet at one home every week but Table hosts can rotate or you can choose to meet at a restaurant. Discuss what would work best with the people around your table.

Do we still do Bible study?
This summer we will experience God’s Word in relationship. This means that the central focus of our time together won’t be Bible Study, but deep, meaningful relationship with one another. Start and end your time together with prayer or Scripture, and then allow space to see the Spirit of God move through the relationships we build around our tables.

What’s the goal for Tables?
We want to have 100 Tables throughout our community! With 100 Tables we have to potential to reach 800+ people.

What happens after Tables?
Tables is not just another Severn Run activity, it’s a movement. We will continue to meet around our Tables, in Connect Groups, and out on mission to invite people into community. Tables will be the kickstart to us being the Church to each other and in our community.

For more information Contact Amber Adams via email at   or by calling 410-551-6654.