The Café at Severn Run

Sunday Morning Experience

There’s something about the aroma of coffee brewing that makes an environment feel welcoming. Our goal is to help welcome people with a warm or cold beverage so that they can prepare their hearts and minds for worship. 

You must be at least 14 years old to serve in the Café.

Currently, we are looking to fully staff our 11:00 and 12:30 PM shifts, but we will happily accept team members for any service time!

On Sunday mornings we prepare the café, brew coffee, restock supplies, make sure the area stays clean, and then shut it down after the last service.

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Why We Love Serving at the Café:

"I love meeting new people and catching up with the rest of the Café Team.”  - Desi Williams

“It’s a good way to serve for introverts. I feel like I can have an impact while serving behind the scenes.”  - Bonnie Wright

“It’s a good jumping off point for other areas of service. If you want to get involved with something but aren’t sure what, the Café is a great place to start!” - Kevin McLaurin

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