Guest Follow-Up Team

Mid-Week Opportunities

An essential part of our guests’ experience happens within 48 hours of their visit when we let them know how much we appreciate them. We also ask them about their experience on Sunday and see if there are ways we can make the guest experience better. Most importantly we let them know that whether or not they choose to visit us again, they matter to us, and matter even more to God.

Guest Follow-Up Team members can choose a preference for either calling or writing notes to our guests. Every week you will be given a few guests from the previous week to contact within 48 hours of our weekend services.

Help us make our guests feel loved and valued by serving on the Guest Follow-Up Team! 

Why We Love the Follow-Up Team:

“Now, I get to know the new people who come to Severn Run. Once I talk with someone on the phone, I offer to meet them in person after service on Sunday. I introduce them to people their age to help them quickly make friends in the church. I also become friends with many of them.” - Terra Falconer

“This is a perfect ministry for anyone who wants to bless others in a quiet, thoughtful way. I like to think I’m doing my part by letting the guest know that we appreciated them being with us, that we are thinking about them, and praying for them. I am planting the seed and God will do the rest.”  -Sally Slade

Guest Team Follow Up Application

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