Care Team

Sunday Morning Experience

Do you ever notice that some people sit alone during the welcome time of our weekend services? Does that make your spirit ache? Maybe you’ve seen this scenario:

Theres that guy with the glasses you see every week a few rows in front of you. Maybe you offer him a friendly smile. During the shake-your-neighbors-hand time, you consider introducing yourself, but have something to discuss with the friend you had lunch with yesterday. After the message, the guy with the glasses heads quickly for the door. Oh well, you think. Ill see him next week. But maybe you wont. Maybe after visiting Severn Run for a few weeks, the guy with the glasses believes no one really notices if hes there or not, and seeks to find connection somewhere else.

Care Team Leaders aim to be intentional about knowing the folks who are sitting in the rows around us. We commit to talking to our friends later, and getting to know the people who may not be known. 

Learn more about what it means to be a church of friends, not just a "friendly church."

Serve with the Care Team!

Care Team Commitment:

  • Sit in the same section each week
  • Attend the same service time each weekend
  • Learn the names of each person in your section
  • Foster relationships with people in your section through lunches and other activities
  • Encourage our sections to get involved in a Connect Group & Serving Opportunities
  • Offer to be a point of contact should someone in your section need Church assistance