VIP Team

Sunday Morning Experience

When guests visit Severn Run, we want them to have a “Wow!” experience. We want to say with our words, and interactions, “Welcome! We’re so happy you’re here to worship God with us today!” We want them to feel loved and valued from the minute they pull into the parking lot until the time they head home. The VIP Team is on the front lines of helping guests achieve this experience.

If you’d like to be on the “front lines” to help newcomers and Severn Runners alike, feel at home with a cup of coffee, a smile, or a helping hand join us on the VIP Team! Check out the different team positions below.

Parking Lot Attendants
We are the first face folks see when they drive on campus. Our friendly smile helps people transition from their hectic morning rush and puts them at ease.

Serve with the Parking Team

Starting Line
At the Starting Line, we give guests information about our Severn Run family, and escort them to the appropriate area to sign their children into classes, or into the auditorium to find seating. This gives our guests a personal touch while making them feel more comfortable during their first experience.

Serve at the Starting Line

Simply put, greeters greet. We welcome you with a smile and a handshake. We open doors for everyone, and we make sure they get a program and a smile.

Serve as a Greeter

Ushers help guests (and Severn Runners) find seats for each service—especially during those times when the Worship Center is dark or crowded. Ushers also help with communion and pass the giving basket during worship.

Serve as an Usher

Why We Love Serving on the VIP Team:

“I like to help families find where to check their kids in. I love to hear all the things they enjoyed about Severn Run when they come back the next week!” - Stacey White

“I welcome people like I’m welcoming them into my house.” - Lannie Dennis

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