Mission Trips with Severn Run

Jesus didn't lead people into classrooms...

He lead them on the road so that they would bump into other broken people who did not yet know Jesus. That is what our Missions Ministry is all about, bumping into other broken people and serving them in meaningful ways in order for them to come to know Jesus on a personal level. 

This year we are sending several teams out to our partner ministries in the Dominican Republic. Our next Missions Team is heading out on April 14 and you can keep up with them by reading their daily log below.

If you're interested in going on a Missions Trip, you can request to join the Missions Team MySevernRun Group to get regular email updates about what's coming up soon.

Current Trips

April 2018 Dominican Republic Trip

Check out what the team is up to with updates here or by following us on Instagram stories. You can also search the hashtag #SRinDR18 to see team members' posts!

Day 1 - Saturday, April 14
We've officially arrived in San Pedro de Marcoris, Dominican Republic! Today was a travel day so most of our time was spent getting from Point A to Point B, however we got to have a delicious Dominican dinner as well as hearing some of the vision of the Del Camino Connection from our leader, Tom.

Day 2 - Sunday, April 15
Today we got to attend worship service at Iglesia Biblica Cristiana Conseulo (IBCC), one of our network churches here. We worshipped in Spanish songs and then Pastor John (yep, the one you know) shared the message. After service we enjoyed lunch with two of the pastors of IBCC and got to hear about the ministries they run in their community here, as well as walk through their neighborhoods. Watch this Facebook Live video to hear some of today’s impressions from our team!

Day 3 - Monday, April 16
Today was our first workday here in the Dominican Republic! We headed out to our partner church, IBCC to help them build out a gym space and repaint their Compassion classrooms. We shared lunch with some of the members of IBCC and got to hear the story one of our friends from IBCC. He was one of the first kids to be a part of IBCC's Compassion School almost 18 years ago. After being a part of the school, and not choosing to follow Christ before he graduated, he found himself back at IBCC faced with the choice to follow Jesus again. This time he decided to follow Jesus and getting to see the joy in his face and the willingness of his work for his church was a blessing. Before we left, we had painted three classrooms and raised three walls. We will be back at it again tomorrow! Check out our peek into the space in today's Facebook live video at this link.

Day 4 - Tuesday, April 17
Today was our last work day with our friends at IBCC. We beautified two classrooms with their school’s theme verse and lively paintings, and finished raising the walls for the new gym. Even more exciting than finishing our two projects, was meeting two of the girls that Collide Student Ministry sponsors and hearing the stories of Raquel from IBCC and Steve from Severn Run over lunch. We finished the day by having a little batting practice on their beautiful baseball field, and sharing a great night of insights and stories back at our retreat center. Check our today’s Facebook Live video to see another update.

Day 5 - Wednesday, April 18
Today we shared a friendly game of baseball (the national sport here) with a few of the IBCC Bethel students and the IBCC staff before lunch. Patricia, Pastor Leonardo's wife, made Severn Runner Ray a birthday cake for his 41st birthday. After a lot of hugs and a few tears we packed up and headed to Santo Domingo to meet our next partner church ICC. Once at ICC we heard from Pastor Rafael about the various ministries they offer in their community. They include a homeless ministry that houses about a dozen people and feeds 60 or more per day, a Montessori school that specializes in including kids with special needs, a medical ministry, and more! We then got to see the Colonial City district of Santo Domingo before heading back for dinner. Unfortunately we were unable to share a live video update today.

Day 6 – Thursday, April 19
Today was our first work day with ICC, but we started by getting a tour of their Montessori school and the property where they plan to expand. After hearing the vision of the school and how they are only waiting for funding to start the first step of demolition, several Severn Runners on the trip were moved to help contribute to the project financially! After the tours we got to work building beds and painting areas of their housing ministry and school. Here are a couple of video updates from our work day: video one & video two.

Day 7 – Friday, April 20
Today we were able to finish our projects alongside of our friends at ICC. We finished four beds and painted several wooden lockers, a couple of hallways and a bedroom. We also painted a tree in the school's outdoor space for teachers to have a nice photo backdrop for their students. It was amazing to see the teachers' reactions to the final product. Several of us were able to serve lunch to the homeless guests who attended lunch today and Pastor John shared his own story with them during their lunch. At our lunch (after serving), we got to hear an amazing story from ICC member, Chino. We wrapped up our day with dinner and friends from ICC. Before the evening ended, we got to share stories and celebrate all that God had done in the two days he united our church families.

Day 8 – Saturday, April 21 – BEACH DAY!
After a long week of working, building relationships, sharing stories, and short nights of sleep a beach day was an amazing way to be still for a while! The weather was perfect for enjoying sand, sea, and sun. We got to reunite with some of our new friends from IBCC for the day as well. Our last night here ended in a beautiful time of group worship. Tomorrow we will get to go to part of ICC's worship service before heading out to the airport. See you soon, Severn Run!

Upcoming Trips

July 2018 Student Trips to The Dominican Republic

Iglesia Biblica Cristiana Consuelo (IBCC), July 2-9
Throughout the week we will be serving along IBCC in the mornings by supporting their summertime efforts to carry out a massive Vacation Bible School for the hundreds of kids that they serve year round. In the afternoons, we will help them minister to families that they have identified who need help in improving their living conditions by painting, repairing, and pouring cement floors. 
One opening is left!
To apply contact Pastor Chris.

El Circulo - July 14-22
Throughout the week we will be serving along leaders and volunteers from El Circulo as we minister to the leaders and girls at the Bethesda home. Bethesda is a ministry that rescues and restores girls who are caught in the plight of human trafficking. We will help to restore, remodel and develop their new site for El Circulo gatherings and church ministries.

This trip is full, but you can apply to be on the waiting list.
To apply for the waiting list, contact Pastor Chris.


August 2018 Costa Rica Trip
August 13-20, 2018 • Cost TBD

This will be an adult serving and learning trip with our friends from Comunidad Genesis. You will be serving alongside volunteers from the church in construction work that the church is continuously carrying out on one of the many sites where they develop wholistic expressions of the church, potentially including a transitional home for women and girls, or housing for under-resourced families.

Apply here for the trip!

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