Jesus didn't lead people into classrooms...

He lead them on the road so that they would bump into other broken people who did not yet know Jesus. That is what our Impact Ministry is all about, bumping into other broken people and serving them in meaningful ways in order for them to come to know Jesus on a personal level.

Meet our partner ministry: The Transformation Center

The Transformation Center is one of our partners who specializes in wholistic ministry. They aim to focus on five critical areas of each individual life: the spiritual condition of the soul (salvation/spiritual health), the intellectual development of the mind (education), the emotional state of the heart (emotional health), the physical needs of the body (health/hunger), and the social issues of the environment (social justice).

To see a list of detailed partnership opportunities, download this PDF.

Join the Transformation Center Team

  • Sauces with meat included
  • Pasta meals in a can (ie - Chef Boyardee, Spaghetti-Os, etc)
  • Sauce

Drop your items at the Impact Area in the Atrium the first Sunday of each month. If you have questions, contact Vicki Delair.

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