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Nov 19, 2017

Your Service Is Seen and Celebrated!

Passage: Matthew 20:26-28

Speaker: Drew Shofner

Series: Saved People Serve People

Category: Serving

Why is serving so important? As humans it’s natural for us to want to know what we get out of the things that we pour our time and effort into. Luckily, God does not say that we will not be rewarded for our service, though it will generally not be the kind of earthly rewards that we’re used to. God offers us eternal life in him, but only if we’re obedient with our time on Earth. A large part of this obedience is serving others. God has prepared so much for those who follow his commands. So remember, serving not for yourself, or so that others will praise your name, but so your Father in heaven will smile, and bless you beyond measure.