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Nov 26, 2017

How To Say "Yes!" To Joy

Passage: Luke 2:8-14

Speaker: Drew Shofner

Series: Living Joy In A Broken World

Category: Joy

Keywords: following jesus, intentional, joy, simple faith, person and a path

Finding joy in a broken world is like finding your way in the dark through a hundred-mile cave with one single match. It’s just not going to happen. To find joy you need to understand what joy is. Joy is a Person and a path. The Person is Jesus and the path is an intentional life following Jesus. You must choose between two competing versions of joy—the joy the world is selling (that needs no Jesus but never lasts) and the joy that Jesus gives (that needs no world and never ends). The joy of Jesus has only one cost: simple faith. We can live in one of in two different locations with very different realities. One is on the inside, the other is outside. Only one can be “home.” It’s time to say “yes” to the presence of Jesus in your life. Choose Jesus and choose to live in the everlasting presence of joy.